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14 years of previous brand management experience – 3 years Motorola and 11 years Procter & Gamble. Joined Lynxeye in 2011.

Favorite brand
This is a tough one, but I would have to say Amazon. For me, brand management is all about understanding your customer and offering services/products which are as relevant for them as possible. Amazon does this brilliantly on so many levels, from the application that lets you compare prices by scanning the product bar codes (making Amazon relevant in bricks & mortar stores), to the Kindle, to the personalized email offers – they make you feel recognized and understood.

Why I work at Lynxeye
This is an easy question. Two reasons: 1) I truly believe in the Lynxeye brand building model of purpose driven growth behind really understanding your core target audience to provide solutions that make their lives just alittle bit better and 2) I love working with people who are talented, brilliant and driven while also being humble, caring and human.


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